We've Rebranded!

9th March, 2022
“We brought Tree to life with our values, philosophy and years of hard work. We’ve always believed ‘work ought to be an adventure’, and our role is to help our users find theirs, their way.”

- Nic Terpkos, Founder/CEO

Key Takeaway

As of the 9th of March 2022, the ‘Tree’ platform and its domain name ‘explorewithtree.com’ have been officially rebranded to ‘Waytree’ and ‘waytree.com’ respectively.

Our Vision:
A world where you can travel and earn anywhere.

Our Mission:
To inspire adventure by connecting people to seasonal jobs in Australia.

Our Philosophy:
Work ought to be an adventure.

Key Points:

  • With this rebranding we have unified our platform and domain names.
  • Waytree signifies our emergence as a leader in the seasonal jobs space.
  • It was important to us our new name carried on the history of the company but was unique and something we could call our own. 
  • Follow us on our socials to stay up to date with Waytree.

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